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In Home plus Remote

1 night in your home and 2 nights remote support
I will stay overnight in your home from 6.30pm to 6.30am to offer hands on support and will then deliver 2 nights of virtual support via a secure camera delivered directly to you. When baby wakes, I am on hand to talk you through what to do in real time.
  • This is for you if you are struggling to implement a bedtime routine or are having broken nights and feel you need help in gaining confidence
  • Suitable for baby from 5 months
Ongoing support included:
  • 4 weeks WhatsApp support (Mon-Fri)
Friends of ours had raved about Sarah's 'By Your Side' service, but due to COVID restrictions we were unable to take advantage of this... Sarah recommended her 'Bespoke Camera Service'. From nap 1 with her detailed instruction and sensitive approach, we could feel our confidence grow. By bedtime on day 1, we had lost the feeling of fear which had been creeping in over the previous months. We knew we still had a lot of work to do, but the constant contact with Sarah meant we knew we were no longer alone. When Sarah said 24 hour support, we didn't appreciate that meant she would be awake before us throughout the night ready to advise on exactly how we should approach each wake up. By night 3, we couldn't believe we had the first 12 hour sleep since our baby had been born! We now have the tools in our bag to feel confident that if at any point we had another disturbed night, we would know exactly what to do.


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