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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, you can start by taking a look here where I've tried to answer the questions that I am asked most often.  If you need more advice, or if you don't see your question here, then please fill in my contact form and I will get back in touch just as soon as I can.

How do I know what package will best help me?

We will start with a 15 minute call where I can find out about the challenges you are facing and the preferences you might have for the different services I offer. We won’t progress until we are both comfortable we have found the best solution for your needs. You can book your consultation call here.

What are your qualifications?

I have various qualifications that have helped shape my journey to becoming a successful, non judgemental sleep consultant, you can read about my background, qualifications and approach here.

How long does it take to see changes in my little one’s sleep?

Positive changes can be seen as early as a few days into your sleep plan, and we would expect to see the biggest changes within the first week. Each method gives different results so this may vary depending on what we agree during your consultation call. But of course, everyone’s situation is different, babies are different, parents are different, so it’s important that you bear that in mind and not get worried if you don’t see changes within this timeframe.

I’m not sure about the in home service, but is the remote service as good?

I know how important it is to make sure the package we arrange is right for you. For some, that’s me coming into the home to be on hand to help, which in turn helps build confidence. For others, the preference is for me to be on the end of the phone and supporting through the use of my video monitor. The method I advise on is the same across both packages so you can be reassured that the approach you are taught will be the same regardless of the package you choose. The remote package allows me to work with clients all over the UK and even all over the world!

What happens if the plan doesn’t work?

In a small number of cases (less than 5%) we might find that the plan isn’t working as well as we’d hope. There are a number of reasons that this might be the case, perhaps baby has an underlying health issue (tummy ache from a digestive problem for example), sometimes parents find the process stressful and baby picks up on the tension, maybe there hasn’t been the consistency that we would need to ensure change. Understanding the reason why is important, so I will work with you to figure that out and try different things to see if we can iron out the issues. But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, with all my experience very often I am able to diagnose the issues quickly.

Is it just sleep problems you help with?

No. I offer a range of advice for parents from newborn through to the teenage years. I have a series of guides you can download here. Or, if you would like personalised advice you can book a 15 minute consultation call and we will figure out the best approach for you.

Can I continue with the plan if my baby becomes unwell?

I would always recommend starting any kind of sleep or behaviour support when your baby or toddler is well in themselves and that applies to you as parents too, if you aren’t feeling well you will not have the same stamina to implement change. If your little one becomes unwell the day the support is due to start get in touch, one thing this job most definitely requires is flexibility.

Do I need the follow up support?

In a nutshell yes, all my packages include aftercare support because it is important to build your confidence and iron out all the little changes that can occur after implementing the plan, and from my experience having me on WhatsApp to answer the hundreds of questions that crop up works well.

Do your methods involve crying?

In short, yes and no! If you are taking away something that your baby or toddler needs to fall to sleep, for example a dummy, or you being with them, then there is always going to be a protest of some sort. This means that your little one will often cry or shout. It's important to remember this is how babies communicate and I'm there to support you through learning what your little one is communicating. And teach you methods to support your baby and child hands on through the change.


However I DO NOT advocate methods such as ‘cry it out’ or ‘controlled crying.


I have no “one approach” fits all, and I prefer to take a look at the child’s current sleep situation and then take into account your specific needs too as the child’s parents. There is no right or wrong answer, and I will do my best to ensure that the method we use fits your parenting style and approach.

What do I do if I need help during the night?

The beauty of working with me is that I’m there during the night whether thats in your home or observing via a secure remote camera. If baby is awake I’m telling you what to do every step of the way.

What is the first step?

The first step with every new client is for us to have an initial 15 minute consultation call. This allows me to find out more about you and the challenges you are having and also allows you an opportunity to get to know me. From this call I can recommend what support might be best suited to you. You can book your initial call here.

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