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Your baby and child sleep expert.

Here to give you all the support you need. Let's get started.

1:1 support

These services include support via camera or in house, for your chosen period, which could be anything from 24 hours, depending on your specific needs. It also includes phone support afterwards.

Helpful guides

At any point in baby's first 24 months, an MOT for your routine will provide you with advice tailored to suit you, your baby and your family's needs. 

Get the book

Sleep Better Baby by The Sleep Mums is your essential stress free guide to sleep for you and your baby.

Let's get started

I'm here to help. The first step is for me to find out more about you and your family, and for you to find out more about me.

Sleep Services
About Sarah

For me, every baby matters, every child matters, every parent matters, every family matters.

I'm a Norland Qualified sleep expert, with 20 plus years experience.

After many years of assisting families worldwide, I've been able to pinpoint where I can best use my extensive training and experience. I will work hand in hand with you allowing you to grow in confidence, make informed decisions and receive tailor-made non-judgemental advice to enable you to enjoy your journey as parents. 

Bespoke Guides and Sleep Routines
Sleep Guides

I've created a series of Sleep Guides to help you understand your baby at each stage of their development and guide you on how to establish a daily routine that will aid good night sleep.

Routines are available from birth until 2 years old.

A Toddler and a Baby
Bespoke Guides

I've create a series of guides to help you understand and manage developmental changes or habits that I see with my clients everyday. From managing fussy eaters right through to teenage sleep, there's a guide to suit your every need.

Sarah immediately gained our trust with her open and pragmatic approach. What followed over the next 3 nights was a total transformation of our little one’s sleeping; by the third night he slept through from 7pm till 6am! 


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