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1:1 Support



As we all know, every minute of sleep matters.  Whether you choose to have me attend in person in your own home or have me join you remotely by camera, the service you receive will be 100% what you need and more.  
All bookings begin with a detailed call, allowing me to gather as much information as possible, helping you to make an informed decision on which plan you choose.
Detailed below are some of my more popular packages.  Each of these packages has options and I am happy to discuss these with you.
Sarah Carpenter Ultimate Remote Thumbnail.png

Ultimate Remote

3 nights remote support

In Home plus Remote

1 night in your home and 2 nights remote support
Sarah Carpenter In Home plus Remote Thumbnail.png
Sarah Carpenter Bespoke Consultations Thumbnail.png

Bespoke Consultations

Personalised advice and support

24 Hour Support

Day and night for 24 hours
Sarah Carpenter 24 Hour Support Thumbnail.png
Sarah Carpenter Newborn Nights Thumbnail.png

Newborn Nights

Hourly support as you need me
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