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What is Bespoke?
Well, the beauty of it being bespoke is it can be anything you need it or want it to be. 

One of the things that drives me in helping families is my belief that we are all different, every baby is different, every parent different and every set up different. That means the support you need is individual, and I can tailor any of my packages to suit your needs. 
Bespoke Support 
​Support tailored to you, from any of my packages.  
Please ask for details.

This can also include baby nights – this is a flexible option to suit your needs in terms of weeks, nights, and hours.

£22 per hour via a remote camera or £25 an hour in house.

"The difference with Sarah is that everything was put together in one place, and tailored to my baby. But, the absolute key difference with Sarah is her amazing knowledge and the outstanding and unwavering support you are given. Sarah is still supporting us, nearly three weeks down the line, way after our package has ended!"

Louise and Andrew

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