Congratulations, you're starting a family! But as soon as you know, your head is full of questions...What to buy?... The classes to attend?... What does a baby even do? 
Don't worry, my bespoke service means I can be with you as much or as little as you want from the beginning of your journey, or at any point you need.
Antenatal Support
To help put your mind at ease you can book a pre birth consultation with me, which includes:
  • information about the best tried and tested products on the market 
  • safe nursery set up
  • safe sleeping advice 
  • feeding advice, whichever you choose 
  • nappy changing techniques 
  • bathtime assitance 
  • winding techniques 
  • swaddling lesson
Arrival Support
Once your baby arrives, you can choose one of my bespoke consultation services to troubleshoot a specific issue e.g. reflux signs, cat napping, feeding advice, or you may decide overnight help, in your home suits your needs better. You won't be tied into a set amount of nights, as everyone knows when it comes to babies we have to be flexible. 
Some of the benefits of having overnight support​:
  • you have hands on help for feeding
  • I can teach you settling techniques 
  • good habits are formed early 
  • I build your confidence in your new role from the very beginning 
  • you have your own personal search engine for all those niggly questions
  • if you are having a bad day, you can message for phone support, update me with what's happening and even when I'm not there in person, I'm there, 
  • if you are exhausted and just need sleep, I can do it all for the night and give you the rest you need to be the best parent you can be
See Bespoke for more details​
From the minute we spoke to Sarah, I just felt like she was going to help us. She is so warm and kind, and was so understanding of me as a mummy who didn’t want lots of tears from my baby. I can’t lie, our little one had tears, but there weren’t many, and we were always in control to say if we felt it was too much. Having said this, I have to be honest, I didn’t expect to go from a baby who woke every 45 mins to an hour (even when co-sleeping) to a baby who sleeps in his cot in his own room all night long!

Anna and David